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Glycerin or glycerol is a colorless and odorless compound in liquid shape.
It can be found in natural resources such as plants, animals, and humans.
it can produce by synthesis propyl alcohol and herbal oils .it can be used in skin care products and soaps.
applications of glycerin
Many years ago, people used glycerin for skin and hair care. but it is so interesting to know that moisturizing is one of the properties for glycerin. It is also used in many different kinds of beauty products for skin, hair and nail .it can get enough moisture without increase lipid.

In pharmacology, it is used for making lotions and creams due to moisture retention on skin.
Because of good solubility and greasy property, it is the number of important raw materials in cosmetics and sanitary.
to prevent constipation, glycerin is used as a laxative and emollient.
benefits of glycerin for skin :
As mentioned above, it has is softening property moreover, it has moisturizing property which leads to prevent skin from wrinkles and cause to have young and freshly skin.

Another specific property of that, is being an antiseptic .to prevent the occurrence of irritation with some soaps and cosmetic products, it can use in soap, lotions, and creams .also, glycine use for treating some skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis.
Benefits of using glycerin for hair.

It helps hair lock in moisture to prevent hair breakage, especially when it mixes with other compounds. For instance, it cab be used with apple vinegar  for treating dandruff and hair fall .for purpose mix one teaspoon apple vinegar with one teaspoon glycerin and wash your hair with this mixture .for preventing of come back, use it once in a month .can be used for repairing dry and wavy hair .for this job, apply to your hair and after a few minutes wash your hair. Try it three times in a week. For having a good hairstyle spray the combination of water and glycerin on your hair.

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