Project Description

potassium sorbate is one of the chemical materials with the property of anti-mold and anti-fungal which is seen in the form of the white salt. This exists naturally in various kinds of berries.

Besides, dairy factories, meat products, flour, bread, and half-prepared foods use it as an antifungal and an antimold factor.

Diary: cheese, yogurt and ice cream

meat products  dry sausages

flour and bread: cookies and cakes

half -prepared foods: compotes, frozen vegetables, and canned food. It is interesting to know that it is used in some cosmetics and sanitary products such as hair and skin care products, shampoos, moisturizers, and conditioners.

blue contact lenses and the solutions

eyebrow and eye shadows

Side effect:

It is not advisable to consume the type of food with a long -term expiry date in high amounts .due to the huge use of potassium sorbate to keep the products prolonged, therefore low nutrition and low vitamin in these type of foods lead to the serious problem in the body especially digestion system.

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